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Hello Host Family

My name is Ana Caroline, and I'm 17 years old. I was born in January of 2000 and I live in São Paulo with my parents and my brother. My mother, Vilma worked in the administrative area and art teacher, my father, Marcelo works at a bank in the area of ​​information technology. My 19-year-old brother is studying economics at one of São Paulo's best colleges. We have two domestic animals, a Basset dog, and a Guinea pig.
 In my day today, after the school period in which I go to school at seven in the morning and come back at one and a half in the afternoon. I help with the housework, tidying up my room, making food and doing the dishes. I follow the evangelical religion and go to church on weekends and also participate in the youth group.
I like to meet new people and deal with their differences. It is incredible to think that each one has its own history and that I am part of it.
I am a very calm person that although I love to meet new places, I do not go much for parties but I love going to the mall and parks with my family and friends.
I like to do many things, I do not like to stay long. Among my favorite hobbies are cooking, listening to music, reading books, watching shows and movies, traveling and surfing the internet. I have a blog and a channel for girls, where I talk about travel, fashion, and beauty! They are a very good hobby for me because it makes me write every day and have lots of cool experiences.
Since I was a child I have the dream of doing an exchange because I love meeting different people and cultures, besides enjoying studying and learning new things.
I really like to travel. I have often been to the beach and I like and make international trips to know the outside world. In 2012, I made my first international trip in which I went to Switzerland and France and in 2015 and 2016 I visited the United States. I came back with a huge desire to get on the plane again to get to know more cultures.
I have been studying English since I came back from my first international trip, I also enjoy studying English in my spare time alone. I would love to have a sister my age because we would be best friends and she would assist me in my adjustment period
About my expectations, I want to see new places, cultures and have incredible experiences in another country. I know they will add a lot to my life experience. What I expect with this exchange program is to gain cultural baggage.
I would like to thank the family that will choose me. I am dedicating myself in all aspects to this program and am improving my English daily. I will do my best and I will be very happy, trust me!

 See you soon

Ana Caroline

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